Bound Brook, NJ Qualifying Event

Bound Brook Bash

Parking and Load-In Designations for Bou

Event Address:

Bound Brook High School Cafeteria

Bound Brook High School

111 W Union Avenue

Bound Brook, NJ  08805



Loading areas / Unloading: Area 4 and 5 (on the picture to the left)


Parking: Areas 1,2,and 3  (on the picture to the left)


Food Service: The kitchen in the cafeteria will be open for foodservice

during the event and lunch pre-orders will also be accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: The sale of food and beverage at the event is a fundraiser

for our team and though we won’t prohibit outside food in the venue, we

hope that you consider supporting us. Every effort has been made to keep

the prices at a reasonable level.

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