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Our team wanted to make sure we are there to support our community during this pandemic, as our community is always there to support us. Below you can read about how we are supporting our community as well as ways you can help, and games and activities to provide some fun during the quarantine.

How we are helping

Our team is very dedicated to supporting our community and is always looking for ways to help during crises. Our team is continuing to stay strong during these times and are looking into ways to continue spreading S.T.E.A.M throughout our community. Through this website page, we have put together some steam activities to do at home as well as a few steam related ways to helps others, such as creating PPE. Our team is also getting involved in different donations and doing our best to provide to hospitals and food banks who are in desperate need of supplies. Along with our posted steam activities LEGOOOO. No matter what our team will always be there to support our community and stand by them as they have for us, Team 56 wishes you the best, and to stay healthy and positive during this pandemic.   

How you can help

If you are ever at home and find yourself with nothing to do there are plenty of ways that you can help your community with the ongoing pandemic. 

- Donate using QR code to the right 

- Create personal protective equipment(PPE) to help with the lack of face masks and gloves

- If you can stay inside to help prevent the spread of the disease

- Be kind when shopping and don't overbuy things to leave some for others

- Helping  volunteer organizations with different things such as making PPE or delivering meals

- Helping anyone who can't easily make it to stores to buy essential items

- Donate food, clothing, money, PPE, etc. to different hospitals or other organizations

- One place to donate for example would be at either Rutgers or RVCC 


STEAM/LEGO Activities

We know how boring quarantine can be and so we put together some links to different activities that you can do at home. On the left, we have different STEAM activities that you can do with materials at home. On the right, we have different activities/builds you could do with the legos gotten from the Bound Brook High School. We hope you enjoy!


Lego Activities

- 25 different lego ideas

- Lego Building Projects

- Lego Steam Activities

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