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What is Safety?
Why Be safe?

What is our safety team? 

What do we do? The safety team makes sure everyone is educated on how to be safe. We also make sure there is a safe work environment at competition, events and during meetings. We organize the work area so everything can be accessed easily and avoid cluttering up the area. We have safety presentations every Saturday to make sure our team is educated and so they could know how to be safe. Lastly, we make sure all safety requirements are during competition. With all of this, we make everyone practice good safety habits and we make the meetings and competition the safest it could be. Why be safe? Being safe protects your health and others around you. It reduces the amount of potential injury and harm to not only yourself but to others. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Safety Captain (Alexis Casique) 

The Safety Captain is the Team Leader of the Safety Team. The Safety Captain is a student who is responsible for safety hazards, violations, and injuries. He/she will work in conjunction with other leaders and event staff to ensure that a safe environment is maintained at all times. In addition, the Safety Captain will conduct general safety inspections in the construction work area.

Safety Vice-Captain (Dana Pacheco)

The Safety Vice Captain is a student who assists the Safety Captain in all their day-to-day activities and provides information. Page 6 of 1 In the event that the Safety Captain is not available to perform his duties, the Safety Vice-Captain shall act on his behalf as a temporary Safety Captain.

Officer (Jerel Fields)

The Safety Officer is a student who assists the Safety Captain and Safety Vice Captain and is the intermediary between the Robot development team and Safety. He or she will assist the safety team in ensuring all Safety requirements are upheld in the Pit Area and during the competition.


(Giavana Caraccioli) 

After our safety team's decision to start the Safety Animation we realized we would need a team of animators/editors to get the job done. They lead our safety animation project and are responsible for its creation. 

Safety Mentor

(Chris Vasquez)

The Safety Mentor shall oversee the assigned roles inside the Safety Team. The Safety Mentor will oversee all protection activities in conjunction with the Safety Captain and corresponding team leads while providing guidance and leadership on the matters of general safety, which include: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safe practices, and other safety-related items as required.

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 Safety Animation

The safety animation is an award that is won through the creation of the best animated short story that goes over PPE, the SDS, a clean environment in your work station, and other safety. In our safety animation, Cherry the Safety Fairy teaches kids how to be safe when you’re working on the robot or when you’re in the pit. Dangerous Daniel is another character that shows you what not to do when you’re on the pit. Such as no running, no horseplay, no messing around with the power tools and other ways things you shouldn't be doing. The safety animation team also creates the designs for our safety buttons which we hand out during competitions and others our safety team wears.




 - Bring more awareness to safety

through Outreach

- Teach good safety habits

 - Have all the Safety Members

CPR certified

 - Help Support Robot Development with robot compliance

(B.O.M & Robot Inspection sheet )

 - Create our first Safety Animation video

 - Create a Safer Work Environment


Remember: Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility!
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